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There are several rafting trips.

Rafting in Corcovado Puente Puente:

Rapids class II and III. For those who are beginners in this fascinating sport.

Rafting in Corcovado Alto:

Rapids class II and III. This tour is wider than the previous one and includes lunch and snack.

Rafting Corcovado Límite: 

Rapids Class II, III and IV. It goes until the Chilean border, with amazing landscapes. Only for people over age 15 who can swim and have some previous rafting experience. Includes lunch and kayak support.

Rafting Futaleufu River:

Unparalleled Class V rapid. To make this trip you need to cross the border to Chile to the town of Futaleufu. Professional guides will accompany you on this incredible adventure, and will cover the route in accordance with the difficulties that each one may face. You can make this trip with transfer and meals included, or choose to stay one night in Futaleufu.

All the tours include equipment (wet suit, helmet, jacket, and coat).


The National Park’s rivers are ideal for canoeing, with the possibility to travel long distances around a natural environment of absolute purity, where motor boats can’t enter.


At 5 km from the gate of the Alerces National Park it’s the Hosteria Pueblo Alto, which offers a variety of mountain activities, including Canopy, which is to slide down aerial platforms placed in trees, using pulleys on horizontal cables. They have 7 different stations and a total of 2000 meters to slide.

Horseback riding

Located at the foot of Mount Nahuel Pan is the Chakra of Los Alamos, the starting point for horseback riding.


There are many different hiking tours in the region. Don’t miss the trekking to Laguna del Toro.


In most Trevelin’s trekking circuits is also possible to practice other sports, such as rock and ice climbing.

Piedra Parada

A challenge for advanced climbers is to make the tough climb to Piedra Parada, an outcropping of 300 meters between the banks of Chubut River and the steppe.

Ski in La Hoya (Esquel)

La Hoya ski resort is 13 km from Esquel and 38 km from Trevelin. From there you can see the city of Esquel and the surrounding valleys.

Normally open until October, it is a ski resort ideal for families. Besides the ski and snowboard school, there is a ski school and a playground for children.
Consult the activities for the summer period.  

Ski equipment Rental  

Operator Address Phone E-Mail
Class Rental Ski 9 de Julio 959 (02945) 45-4396 info@patagonia-verde.com.ar
Frontera Sur  CAM La Hoya (02945) 45-0505 fronterasur@fronterasur.net
Gemelo’s Sport  Rivadavia 860  (02945) 45-2080 gemelosport@ar.inter.net
La Bolsa del Esquí  Rivadavia y 25 de Mayo (02945) 45-2379  bolsadeski@speedy.com.ar
Lican Ray South  Av. Ameghino y Brown   (02945) 45-6274 licanraysur@hotmail.com
Rossi Ski Rental Sarmiento y Rivadavia  (02945) 45-5405 Cel: 15-680825 rossiski@ciudad.com.ar
Sol del Sur  Sarmiento y 9 de Julio  (02945) 45-2189 / 2427 soldelsur@commlab.com.ar
Tierra  Fontana 484  (02945) 45-3244 / 45-7015 tierra@epaadventure.com.ar

Bird watching

Guided tours around Esquel, including the National Park and the steppe. During the tour you will be accompanied by professional ornithologists, to help in identifying the specie, and in notions of native vegetation, environment, geomorphology and natural and cultural history of the place, giving a comprehensive ecological view of the region.

Phones: (02945) 454656 / (02945) 15506341

Mail: esquelaves@gmail.com     

Fly Fishing       

This valley is one of the best places to practice Fly Fishing, with large lakes of glacial origin and hundreds of streams and rivers, which, according to experts, make it one of the top sites for trout fishing in the world.

The fishing season extends from mid-November to mid April. Among the samples to be found are: rainbow trout, brown trout, fontinalis, salmon, perch and silversides. There are Fly Fishing introduction courses.

Fishing Guides:

José Luis Contreras (Tel. 480408. Av. San Martín y Thomas)

El Galés (Tel. 480250)

4 × 4 quad adventures  

A very interesting new option with various circuits and practice stations.

Guía de turismo 4×4: José Luis Contreras (Tel. 480408. Av. San Martín y Thomas) 

Travel and tourist agencies:

Casa verde Tours (Tel. 480091. Los Alerces s/n) 

Gales al Sur (Tel. 480427. Av. Patagonia s/n). 

Trevelin Ativo TREKKING/MOUNTAN BIKE/QUADS/: Sgt. Franco s/n Local 2 TE: (02945) 15683286-15407574 mailto:trevelinActivo@gmail.com


There are several places suitable for diving, such as Rio Grande, La Roca, Río Arrayanes, El Canelo and Falsa Boca del Frey (submerged forest) and Lago Menendez.


Equipment provided by Centro Buen Buceo: wetsuit, boots, gloves, hood, fins, mask and snorkel. Safety boat.

Río Grande: $ 75

Río Arrayanes: $ 110


First-time divers: $ 180.

Divers with certification: Includes full equipment + boat transfers.

Río Grande: $ 140

Lake Futalaufquen (Cabecera): $ 140

Tour the Pto Patriada (Lake Epuyen): $ 250


Complete set of diving (certified divers only): Neoprene, vest, regulator, tank, weights, fins, mask, snorkel: $ 120.

Floating equipment: neoprene fins, mask and snorkel: $ 60.

Neoprene Only: $ 40.

Air refill: $ 20.

Boat: $ 600 a day.

Some tours within the area

Rio Grande 

There are several choices, such as Rio Grande, where you can do snorkeling. You can admire the trout and Pacific salmon, as well as many aquatic plants. You will be always accompanied by the safety boat.

La Roca 

There are diving spots near La Roca, inside Alerces National Park. In Lake Futalaufquen there is a huge submerged rock that can be seen up to 30 feet deep. The Playita is an ideal area for starters, since it has a maximum depth of 8 meters and a beautiful landscape with aquatic plants, trout, white sand, etc…  

Río Arrayanes

Río Arrayanes (Alerces National Park): excellent place to practice snorkeling.

El Canelo and la Falsa Boca del Frey 

Also inside the National Park there is El Canelo and Falsa Boca del Frey, two diving places in Lake Amutui Quimei. You can immerse the submerged forest near Futaleufu dam. The place is wonderful and definetly worth a visit but better avoid it on windy days. March to April is the best time to visit it.

Lake Menéndez

Lake Menéndez is the largest natural lake of the Parque Nacional Los Alerces. Tours include trekking and a boat ride passing along Glacier Torrecillas and Alerzal Milenario, bird watching and diving.

Centro De Buceo y Patagonia Subacuática 
Ap-Iwan 649 – CP 9203 
Trevelin – Chubut 
Tel/Fax: 02945-481017
Cel.: 02945- 15-50 8580 

Mountain Bike

Long and short biking circuits in Esquel. Daily departures from Patagonia Express.