— About us

Rincones del Sur is a family company created by Daniel Moran and Teresa María Nahuys. Together since a young age, we fought hard to fulfill this dream. For it we worked hard, on weekends and holidays, and that’s why we feel that our daughter Ludmila and our son Christopher also participated in this project.

We began working as employees for many years, constructing our destiny. A few years after we started to search for “the place” in Patagonia, with our dog, a St. Bernard named Numa.

In 1995 the movie “Caballos Salvajes” was released but only in 1999 when we saw it for the second time it became the inspiration for our desire to travel the Patagonian roads, through Cañadón de la Mosca, until Trevelin. In 1999 our second child was born after long waiting and when we were on vacation in Calafate and Trevelin we found “the place”.

In 2002 we spoke with my parents to accomplish this project, Fernando Victor Nahuys and Maria Rugby Tamborini de Nahuys. We needed to rely on someone to settle in Trevelin. My parents were thrilled about the project in spite their age, and put up for sale their house in Capilla del Monte.

In 2004, they finally could sell their house and move to Trevelin. That year we registred the company name (a suggestion of my friend Elena) and signed up as LLC. In January 2005 opened the first Trevelin LAVE-RAP laundry service, “Fragrance del Sur”. My father was the administrator and we employed Iris Maria del Lujan Silva. After 5 years when we began to operate with the cabins we rented the Lave-Rap to his brother Adrian Silva.

During 2004 and 2005 we developed the project cabins and tried to find constructor for our complex. In this first stage we worked with Conkret Wood Homes. In late 2005, when we had already signed the contract to begin construction in Trevelin, we had to grieve my dear father’s death, who could not see the work started.

For all this we have been trough we wanted to show and share this dream that just started (year 2006/2007) and has a long way to go and founded the best way to do it through our website.

In 2008, the second stage of construction was completed, with four new cabins and the Club House, for which contributed greatly our son-in-law Hector Osbaldo De Oliveira. Everything was done with great love and good human relations.

For this project we studied business administration, tourism and languages, and we continue to study everyday. We speak Spanish, English (intermediate) and French (basic).

In 07/2009 received the distinction of “Commitment to Quality Tourism Argentina”

Together we can make your stay unforgettable.

Our Team

Daniel Moran (Partner)

M. Teresa Nahuys (Manager)

Andrea Elizabeth Medina (Recpetion and Events)

Elena Dodig (Reservation center)

Julieta Navarro (Seasonal- Cleanings)

Miguel Millaqueo (Gardener)


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Rincones del Sur earned the distinction of “Commitment to Quality Tourism in Argentina”